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iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Kills 99.99% of COVID 19, Staph and E. coli Surface Bacterial


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For something that we put against our faces daily, our smartphones are shockingly packed with microbes. Destroy up to 99.9% of Staph and E. coli surface bacteria on your phone with the Fortify antibacterial and antiviral screen protector. The antibacterial property of Fortify screen protectors is cured on the glass so it is able to maintain its damage resistance, optical clarity, and touch sensitivity.

Protect Your Phone Against Unwanted Bacteria’s 

Anti-microbial technology that won’t wear off. Now you can protect your screen from
impact damage and 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria and COVID 19.

Anti-Viral Technology 

Activated Silicon Technology has been tested by a 3rd party to ISO testing standards and kills up to 99.99% of COVID 19 and Influenza. 

24/7 Anti-Bacterial Protection 

Activated Silicon Technology kills up to 99.9% of Staph and E. coli surface bacteria on your device. * 

Short Sanitation Cycle 

Sanitize your phone in just 30 minutes.

Lab Tested 

Tested by a 3rd party to ISO and SGS testing standards.

Our Strongest Glass Screen Protection 

Premium tempered glass screen protector for your mobile device. Made in Japan from high quality AGC - Japanese Asahi Glass.

Environmentally Friendly 

Non-toxic, green and laboratory tested before it is marketed to ensure its quality, safety and efficacy.

The nano-coating is the process of applying a surface layer that inhibits the growth of microorganisms. How it works is it creates a negative force and disrupts the charge balance of the bacteria cell wall which breaks it down and causes the cell to die. The antibacterial nanotechnology is cured on the glass itself, with an effective period of 2 years.